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Voice Messaging Service Provider in India

Bulk voice calls are pre-recorded voice messages to a mobile or landline networks across the country. Bulk voice calls are automated calls which involves automated dialing multiple numbers at once using computer managed lists, playing a pre-recorded message to automatically dialed mobile or landline numbers. This communication technique of bulk voice calls has the advantage of most penetrative reach and personalized messages.

A telephone messaging solution, a smart auto dialer for reaching thousands of people with personalized messages and response options you choose. The voice call system dials from numbers that you send to us and plays your recorded voice message. No person or agent is required to talk with the receiver of the automated call. The receiver of bulk voice call simply listens to the recorded voice message.

Bulk Voice SMS Campaign could be used for following purposes

Political campaign promotion, voter registration, vote reminders

Give reminders like EMI, Insurance premium

Appointment reminder

Health Care

Media Business

IT support staff for alert escalation process

Stock brokers and Bankers

This service is only Available and Applicable in India & Indian Users & Customers.